Whitehat & Blackhat SEO

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The Differences Between Whitehat SEO & Blackhat SEO

In the most basic of definitions, you can separate whitehat and blackhat SEO by search engine optimization practices that play by the rules laid out by search engine terms of service and those that skirt around them. Whitehat is obviously much more legitimate and focuses on producing high quality content in ways that please search engines naturally. On the other hand, the blackhat approach is a bit more manipulative, with practices such as cloaking, comment spamming, and hidden text. Despite whitehat seeming much safer and favorable, both are still practiced quite regularly on a widespread basis.

Despite the differences in their approaches, they have one central theme in common; they are both meant to make a website more visible in search engines and garner more traffic as a result. That doesn’t change how well accepted the two have been over time however. It should be obvious to guess which of the two has garnered more criticism.


Black hat practices are definitely more negative overall. Its practices are generally seen as deceptive and rarely concerned with the experience a user will have when visiting sites it has been implemented on. Many sites that focus on ranking with spam are also eventually penalized.

You can tell when a site has blackhat SEO if you notice an overuse of keywords or even keywords that repeat several times in an unnatural fashion. The sentences in paragraphs will also often be nonsensical. On top of that, you might notice text in various places that’s almost too small to read or text that’s been colored the same as the background in effort to hide it. Try and find a local search engine expert, cheap contracts will more likely lead to bad results.

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